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What is Equine Assisted Learning?

EAL takes on two distinct formats at Cloud 9.  One utilizes sensory input from the horse to improve academic skills while the other is experiential learning, giving insight into personal development, team building, and leadership skills.  

Academic EAL

Our A-EAL program assists students in maximizing their potential and meeting academic goals found in their school IEP.  Children with learning disabilities are presented with an unique opportunity to better develop skills outside of the classroom and on the back of a horse. Through games and kinetic learning, education becomes exciting and barriers to success are removed. Individualized lessons are available in addition to programming in cooperation with Special Education Classrooms or Co-

Experiential Learning

A horse is often described as a mirror into a person's soul.  They are reflective of our innermost workings and as such, offer insight and a wealth of knowledge regarding our personal strengths and areas in need of further development.   Non-verbal communication skills are honed as horses accurately read intent.  Effective leadership becomes essential when working with a 1200 lb prey animal.  Overcoming obstacles builds confidence and working in partnership aides in group cohesion.

Sign-up for Sessions

Spring sessions:  April 23rd-June 11th.

Summer Horse Camp will be June 18th-21st.

Summer sessions:  July 9th-August 13th

Fall sessions:  August 3rd-October 22nd

Application packets can be found on our 

Forms Page and can be returned to us at or 1670 W Bryce Dr

Milton, KS  67106